Summer is one of my most favorite times of the year, especially being a current student. This is the one time of the year where I can treat myself to my favorite hobbies. I have plenty of different summer activities that I enjoy, but my most favorite summer hobby is traveling.
Traveling is my favorite summer hobby for a number of reasons. I have always loved experiencing new things. I love seeing new places, new faces, and new food. By traveling, I get to indulge in all of the above. It gives me a rush of excitement, knowing that I will be able to experience something that I have never witnessed before. The best part of taking a trip somewhere is seeing what the best activities are in that area. Going sight-seeing can definitely keep you occupied the whole trip.

One way that I find out where I want to travel next is to look online. I love to Google where the best vacation spots are located. I will either search by region, or sometimes I will do a general search to see what I can find. If a vacation spot has beautiful scenery or plenty entertainment, I will add it to a list of different places that I want to visit. I rank the list, with the most desirable locations at the top. Afterwards, I estimate the amount money that I will need to get there, plus the amount of expenses I will need on the trip. Sometimes, I will arrange vacation spots based on whether or not I will travel with someone. Most of the time, I will have someone with me because I like to share experiences with people I am close to. Traveling with others has always heightened the experience for me. However, occasionally I will travel by myself. I try to talk to as many people as I can along the way, just to see what I can learn about the places I’m traveling to. By meeting people along the way, you can either gain new acquaintances or even meet someone that can help you out later.

While I think that traveling will be my most favorite hobby during my lifetime, one of the disadvantages about traveling would be the costs. Unfortunately, when you factor in the cost of traveling, lodging, and activities, you can accrue large spending amounts in no time. This summer, I plan to take a vacation to Charleston, South Carolina, which is in my native state, so that wouldn’t cost as much. However, I do plan to take trips internationally as well, like Italy, Japan, and Paris one day, so those trips I will have to save over time, especially due to my accumulated college loan debts I have to pay back. I have learned that if you like to travel on a budget, you have to set money aside over time. Once you have a fund for your trip set aside, you will eventually be able to go wherever your heart desires.

Traveling is definitely one of favorite hobbies, because I get to see what the world has to offer. If you think that you may like to take up this hobby, just make sure you do your research, and remember to let loose and have fun. Oh, and make sure you take lost of pictures along the way!